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The History of Saulaine Professional Secondary School


The beginning of Saulaine Professional Secondary School goes back to 1908 when the agricultural school started its work in Zemgale region (in Jelgava). It was the first agricultural school with the educational programme in Latvian. The founder of the school is businessman Janis Bisenieks.

 In the course of time names and location of the school have changed, but its aims are constant – to give professional education, to inculcate love to the job chosen and to develop personality.

Saulaine is proud of the school of graduates. Majority of former students are successful inventors, tutors, agriculturists whose life has been connected with Saulaine. Holders of the school certificate have been scattered all over in the world but a lot of them have taken the knowledge acquired there for a life time. Memories of various students’ generations the time spent at school have been summarized in the book (“Tēvzemes arāju cilts”).  The author of the idea to publish the book was by Arturs Apins. (Artūrs Apiņš)

During the First World War the school was moved to Rezekne until 1919. After that the school arrives in Jelgava and was named Jelgava Agricultural Secondary School of Latvian Agriculturalists. More changes followed.

In 1930 –Jelgava State Agricultural Secondary School;

In 1936 –Mezotne State Agricultural Secondary School in Mezotne;

In 1937 – again Agricultural Secondary School named after Janis Bisenieks;

In 1940 – girls are taken in the school again. Only boys learned at this school until this time;

In 1944 – the establishment moves to the manor house in Saulaine and the school is named Saulaine Agricultural Technical College;

In 1959 – the name of Pauls Lejins was assigned to the school. Pauls Lejins is the person who had worked at the beginning of the educational establishment but later he became the President of the Science Academy of Latvia;

1964 – The name of the school – Pauls Lejins’ Saulaine State Farm Technicum;

Finally – Saulaine Professional Secondary School.

In 1950 the stadium was built by students and teachers by themselves. It is one of the most important benefits of the success in sport both   in Latvia and among other republics.

In 1965 the new building was built and the school moved to appropriate premises.

In 1982 the new hostel and refectory were built.

 Now students have the opportunity to practise in foreign countries. The school is also famous for amateur performances, good achievements at sport and the Students’ Parliament.

The main events during the last couple of years include renovation of the main building and heat insulation, modernisation of the equipment and improvement of the landscape. Agricultural machinery laboratory has been reconstructed as well and new machinery has been purchased.